• Nine Inch Nails. Hesitation Marks

    Nine Inch Nails. Hesitation Marks

    Four years after a brief retirement, Nine Inch Nails return with Hesitation Marks. This is an album that is a reflection of all the previous releases, from the sounds used, down to the artwork. But I wouldn’t call it “a return to form”, because it is all new. I would call it “finally going in [&hellip...

  • Gary Numan. Telekon

    Gary Numan. Telekon

    It’s always amazing when an album that was recorded and produced at one point in time is still considered fresh, innovative, and most importantly, innovative years after its release. There are quite a few albums out there that have shaped the sound of Rock, Hip Hop, Soul… many of which is passed on from one [&hellip...

  • The Breeders. LSXX

    Aug 29, 13 • Alternative, Grunge, RockNo Comments
    The Breeders. LSXX

    The Breeders. Last Splash, 1993. I cannot even begin to explain how important this album is for me. There are three albums that I credit for shifting my perception of what music is and what music should be. Last Splash couldn’t have come in at such an important time. In 1993, I was in fifth [&hellip...

  • Washed Out. Paracosm

    Aug 28, 13 • Ambient, Electronic, Pop, ViognierNo Comments
    Washed Out. Paracosm

    If I had to choose a soundtrack for daydreaming, Paracosm would be one of the two records I would choose. The other album would be by Swedish pop duo The Sound of Arrows, but Washed Out is currently taking lead. It’s always a nice surprise when someone takes their time to make an album but [&hellip...

  • Kim Deal. Walking with a Killer

    Kim Deal. Walking with a Killer

    Kim Deal… what can be said about her that has not been said before. She was the bassist for The Pixies, alternative rock heroes who dominated college radio and became major influences to anyone within the late 80s early 90s rock scene. She is the mastermind behind The Breeders, a one off project that became [&hellip...

  • Ttotals. Silver on Black

    Ttotals. Silver on Black

    One of my favorite things to do when visiting a new city is making a list of record stores, and make an effort to visit them… all of them, if possible. I’ve been able to travel to a few cities more than once. New York City is on top of that list with at least [&hellip...

  • Video. Leather Leather

    Jul 26, 13 • Cabernet Sauvignon, Noise, PunkNo Comments
    Video. Leather Leather

    Ever had one of those “pick up the first random record you find” moments? That’s how I came across this one. And for being something that was picked up at random, it became one of my favorite records. It’s on my iPod, old iPhone actually, and was on blast in my Saturn along with other [&hellip...

  • Roberto Cacciapaglia. The Ann Steel Album

    Roberto Cacciapaglia. The Ann Steel Album

    I first encountered this album in January of 2013, in New York City. The moment I heard this album, I knew that it needed to be part of my collection. This album, and all of its magical, whimsical, schizophrenic moments, is constantly on repeat in my house, and truck… even in my head. New York [&hellip...

  • Pet Shop Boys. Electric

    Jul 16, 13 • Champagne, Dance, Electronic, PopNo Comments
    Pet Shop Boys. Electric

    As my close friends and family know, I am quite biased when it comes to Pet Shop Boys. Yes, I am a fan. Yes, I am a diehard fan. Trying to collect as many pieces of their collection and making it mine. But, I am able to say “hey, this song is not good” or [&hellip...