Carlos Baiza… Musician. DJ. Photographer. Artist. Wino.

That pretty much sums up who I am. Hi, my name is Carlos. Music has been a vital, if not, the most important part of my life. Besides family and friends, music has been there to lift me up, give me confidence, courage, hope, knowledge, clarity, and creativity. If it wasn’t for music, who knows where I would have ended up or whom I would’ve become.

Vinyl & Vino was an idea that I had years ago. A simple idea, most of us used to do it. Get a hold of a brand new or classic record, gather up your friends, and just listen to it – beginning to end. Of course, this was way back then. Advancement of technology really took a hold of things and simplified the whole experience. The idea of Vinyl & Vino was to bring back those moments where music was everything, and of course being a bit grown up we are able to enjoy a classy beverage.

Throughout these pages you will encounter my opinions on music, ranging from all styles, both new and old. Reviews on the newer stuff and stories with the older stuff. I’m bringing my friends along, most of which have awesome stories to share. Thoughtful, comedic, heart breaking… all types of stories. These guys and girls are the best, and you’ll get to see why. Along with that, my favorite tracks, a few links, and what kind of wine I think you should pair it with. Wine only? Nope. Occasionally, I will include beer or liquor. It’s not an every day thing, but every so often a person requires something harder! And for those party situations, we will have food pairings as well.

Again, thanks for taking the time in hanging out with us. I hope that you’ll enjoy this as much as we love sharing it. It’s that easy… Vinyl & Vino bringing it all back with a song and drink.



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Tips for Drinking Responsibly – Keep track of how much you drink. Pace yourself, alternate drinks with water to stay refreshed and have a bite to eat before or while you drink. These and many more helpful hints and tips will help you make it a night to remember, not to forget.

Getting home safely – Key to a successful night is having a safe way to get home. Think about how you’re going to get home before you leave home – grab a cab or designate a driver. Treat your Designated Driver to one of these delicious drinks that don’t feature alcohol.

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