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Pop music has such a bad reputation. Most of it, alright just about all of it, is quite disposable. No substance what so ever. But what people seem to forget or ignore is that pop music is supposed to be fun and just a distraction. And with that said, there are a few people that come around and write memorable songs with such depth and just so happen to be part of the pop realm. Meet Little Boots, Victoria Christina Hesketh, British electronic pop artist who speaks from the heart and that creates an elaborate haunted disco world with her second album, Nocturnes (2013).

I like to listen to everything and anything I can get my hands on. And so I’ve researched and read interviews from all sorts of artists. One note that has really sunk in to my songwriting approach comes from Warren Cuccurullo, guitarist extrodinaire, where he stated that if you can write a good song on an acoustic guitar, it will translate wonderfully on the electric guitar. That approach really changed my way of songwriting, and it’s clear (whether or not Hesketh read that interview, I don’t know) that the songs off of Nocturnes started off as songs written on a piano, or an organic instrument. And that’s what gives the album it’s haunted and emotion-heavy mood.


Victoria Christina Hesketh

The team behind this album consists of Hesketh, of course, with Tim Goldsworthy from DFA Records who has released some of the most memorable indie underground dance records within the past 10 years. I’ve spinned and danced to music released on DFA plenty of times, so this collaboration was not only genius but also perfect. James Ford, half of Simian Mobile Disco, which is one of my favorite projects when it comes to dance music. And last but not least, Hercules and Love Affair’s mastermind Andy Butle. This sets a very heavy electronic tone but with classic organic sounds found in early disco from the 70’s, a fantastic pop formula of catchy hooks, and night time driving futuristic moods. And this is a great soundtrack for a get together with people you feel the most comfortable with busting out funny dance moves with, even dress up a little and just have a great time.

We saw Little Boots last night at Grand Central, and the songs from both albums, debut Hands (2009) and Nocturnes, translated wonderfully into a non stop dance party. The set started with

Nocturnes (2013)

Nocturnes (2013)

Motorway, the albums opener which sets the tone of a dark elegant atmosphere. Confusion, Broken Record, and Beat Beat are perfect songs to keep the party going. My favorite songs of the night was Headphones, which isn’t found on the album but released as a free download off the website, and of course the night’s closer, Shake. A song that I’ve been obsessed about since I first heard it 2 years ago after being posted on the PopJustice website. (I love you PopJustice!)

If you’re a fan of dancing around, just having a great time, this album is for you. Nocturnes has received a lot of positive reviews since its release back in May. There have been countless amounts of remixes releases as well. It’s a versatile album, put it on and find yourself in a better mood. However, my only concern is that most of these songs should have been longer. The disco aspect is there and it should have been taken advantage a little bit more. Regardless to that, the remixes that are constantly released help fill that void a bit. Maybe after the tour an extended mix version of the album will be released? Who knows, but fingers crossed!

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Vinyl & Vino rating: 4 out of 5

Every Night I Say A Prayer
Broken Record

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