Touché Amoré. Is Survived By


Yet another record that I picked up at random. This album is being talked about on Twitter and posted on InstaGram, so my curiosity got the best of me and I picked up the album. Instead of just streaming it online or asking someone to lend me a copy, I just picked it up. And it’s not what I thought, it’s not bad but it’s definitely different from what I was expecting.

Touché Amoré is a band from Los Angeles, California and have been around since 2007. They stuck out from other bands by having melodic, well crafted songs with screaming, emotional lyrics. Not quite emo, but definitely as powerful and open. This is what helps them stand out so much, it’s a great combination that really allows you to have different aspects of the same song. Is Survived By (2013) has so far been giving good reviews, just like their previous releases.


Touché Amoré

Listening to this, I immediately focused on all the screaming and thought “maybe it’s just for this song.” But it turns out that it’s throughout the whole damn record! Jeremy Bolm sounds great, and thankfully his screaming is intelligible. Unlike others in this genre whose screaming is beyond comprehension, Bolm does a great job making sure that his words are focused. The band – Clayton Stevens and Nick Steinhardt on guitars, Tyler Kirby on bass, and Elliot Babin on drums – are as tight as a band can be. They come across sounding well rehearsed and probably recorded live at once. Most bands of this genre have countless hours of performing and rehearsing, so it’s evident throughout the record.

The artwork for Is Survived By is handled by guitarist Nick Steinhardt, who has designed all of Touché Amoré album covers. He’s done a fantastic job, keeping the package in a minimalist feel, focusing on the color blue and keeping all distinguishing markings as clean as possible. It’s a great balance, minor details against an overall design.And lets not forget, the record is in a matching marble blue, complimenting the overall design scheme. The albums photographs are taken by Los Angeles photographer Ryan Aylsworth.


Is Survived By (2013)

Overall, would I have picked up this record knowing what it was going to sound like? Probably not. This isn’t my style in general. But, there are a lot of great songs in this collection. The main thing that steals my attention is the screaming, and not in a good way either. There are moments where instead of screaming, you should try to sing… there are moments where that’s exactly what is trying to be done. And to me, that’s the major let down. Musically exciting and lyrically heartfelt, but there is a balance that needs to be focused on. Is Survived By, however, has captured my attention and I’ve gained interest in Touché Amoré.

Ca’ Montini – Pinot Grigio [Calmasino, Italy 2009]
One of my favorite white wines is Pinot Grigio, and Italian wines are probably one of my top favorite countries. I’m pairing this wine with this album because they are both sharp and crisp. Ca’ Montini’s Pinot Grigio is light in color but slightly high in acidity, so make sure it’s well chilled. A perfect example of a true Italian Pinot Grigio and at an affordable price too.

Vinyl & Vino rating: 3 out of 5

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Touché Amoré