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Ever had one of those “pick up the first random record you find” moments? That’s how I came across this one. And for being something that was picked up at random, it became one of my favorite records. It’s on my iPod, old iPhone actually, and was on blast in my Saturn along with other records that I have purchased. Most of my findings start off as findings on the internet… hopefully this will become one of them for you… through a blog that shared a diverse collection of music. Some blogs seem to have a set theme, but not this one. And right on its front page was this little gem.


Video – Payton, TV’s Daniel, Gregory, and Harpal (from L to R)

There’s a small amount of info about Video out there. Which is a good thing, the music speaks for itself. Video is a punk band from Texas. Their songs are loaded with angst, speed, and noise. Simple chords and distortion ringing through that set off reminders of early Ramones with Sister era Sonic Youth. Dark lyrics that cross inside the mind of an angry teenage to early adult’s mind. Lets face it, we were all pissed off at one point, TV’s Daniel (vocalist) channels that anger perfectly. The band, Gregory (drums), Harpal (bass), and Payton (guitar) are tight. To me, it sounds like a jam session in a garage. Pounding away at each track with the raw power that only a garage can harbor… and those of you who are or were in a band, you understand what I mean. Back in the day, the garage was where you would perfect your craft, but I digress – I’m revealing my age.

I like to listen to music while in my truck. There was a period of time where I would purchase a bunch of CDs on release day, four to five, sometimes more. And at that time, I had a job that had me working from 4pm until 1am. I’d go to school in the morning, band practice in the afternoon, and work at night. Anyway, by the time I’d get home I would be completely energized but wasn’t allowed to make much noise. Everyone’s sleeping! So I made it a habit to take the new CDs into the truck and just take off. A different direction each time with a different soundtrack. Although times have changed, and gas prices have sky rocketed, I occasionally take to that habit. Leather Leather was tested and it really made the ride exciting. I do recommend to relax and be cautious on the driving because I found myself jamming out to inappropriate speeds!


Video – Leather Leather (2011)

This 12 track record, released by Play Pinball! Records, comes housed in a cut out sleeve. The word Video and its two bars are cut out from its white sleeve. The record is housed in a paper sleeve, black on one side with production and songwriting credits and an 80’s Maxwell influenced drawing on the other – only except for it being a stereo blasting away at the listener, it’s a TV. The record itself, is of a heavy weight, not 180 gram but close enough. Sadly, the record itself is black.  But I think that having a cut out sleeve is just as cool for anyone who likes collecting colored vinyl or odd shaped records. Only available via mail order, if you do come across this at your record store, pick this up!

Overall, an excellent punk record. Enough to capture your attention, make you get up and jam out. A great reminder of classic punk rock made by the new kids who are taking over the scene with their interpretation of classic punk.

Louis M. Martini, Cabernet Sauvignon Sonoma County [California, 2010]
Although it is a punk record, this wine really is a good pick. We’re celebrating classic punk with this one so why have a wine that’ll please and compliment this style! Nice dark red wine, with a great balance of a fine, smooth body with dry tones. This wine is a nice compliment to all sort of meals, so celebrate with a couple of gourmet burgers and just hang out.

Martini’s cabernet sauvignon is perfect for those who are ready to step up their wine game. The Martini company have been around for a long time, 80 years to be exact, producing quality wine for all palates. Sonoma County is one of my favorites because it is a great representation of what a cabernet sauvignon should be but is affordable for gifts, parties, or sharing with a friend.

Vinyl & Vino rating: 4 out of 5

Leather Leather
I am the Sum
We Want the World

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