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  • Body/Head. Coming Apart

    Body/Head. Coming Apart

    It’s hard to escape what you’re known for when you’re trying to make something new. In this case, sometimes its best to do what you’re known for and try to push it a little further into a new direction. Kim Gordon, former member of Sonic Youth, and Bill Nace, experimental guitarist from Massachusetts, help push [&hellip...

  • Touché Amoré. Is Survived By

    Oct 5, 13 • Hardcore, Pinot Grigio, PunkNo Comments
    Touché Amoré. Is Survived By

    Yet another record that I picked up at random. This album is being talked about on Twitter and posted on InstaGram, so my curiosity got the best of me and I picked up the album. Instead of just streaming it online or asking someone to lend me a copy, I just picked it up. And [&hellip...