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  • Kim Deal. Walking with a Killer

    Kim Deal. Walking with a Killer

    Kim Deal… what can be said about her that has not been said before. She was the bassist for The Pixies, alternative rock heroes who dominated college radio and became major influences to anyone within the late 80s early 90s rock scene. She is the mastermind behind The Breeders, a one off project that became [&hellip...

  • Video. Leather Leather

    Jul 26, 13 • Cabernet Sauvignon, Noise, PunkNo Comments
    Video. Leather Leather

    Ever had one of those “pick up the first random record you find” moments? That’s how I came across this one. And for being something that was picked up at random, it became one of my favorite records. It’s on my iPod, old iPhone actually, and was on blast in my Saturn along with other [&hellip...