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  • Chvrches. The Bones Of What You Believe

    Feb 16, 14 • Albariño, Electronic, SynthPopNo Comments
    Chvrches. The Bones Of What You Believe

    I’ve always been a fan of synthpop. At a young age, the sounds that a keyboard is able to make struck a deep fascination and interest. Certain bands know how to integrate and use electronics with their songs, and others are rely so heavily on them that the song just drowns. In the case of [&hellip...

  • Bis. Return to Central

    Bis. Return to Central

    As a young teenager, I was always interested in finding different styles and sounds. In middle school for example, when my friends were getting into punk rock, I turned my ear towards industrial music. From there, industrial turned me towards dance music. However, I never left punk rock or grunge or whatever it was we [&hellip...

  • Little Boots. Nocturnes

    Nov 10, 13 • Champagne, Dance, Disco, Electronic, PopNo Comments
    Little Boots. Nocturnes

    Pop music has such a bad reputation. Most of it, alright just about all of it, is quite disposable. No substance what so ever. But what people seem to forget or ignore is that pop music is supposed to be fun and just a distraction. And with that said, there are a few people that [&hellip...

  • David Bowie. Earthling

    David Bowie. Earthling

    Rock ‘n’ Roll’s chameleon… David Bowie. Since his beginnings, he’s been changing his style both visually and musically. The great thing about Bowie is that before it all began, he was an artist. In a true sense of the word, dipping his hands into painting and being creative with words and design. So the idea [&hellip...

  • Depeche Mode. Music for the Masses

    Depeche Mode. Music for the Masses

    Possibly one of the most important electronic albums to have ever come out from the 80’s. It’s included in the book “1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die”, among other important and quite influential albums. Music for the Masses (1987) was released 26 years ago this month. The album helped steer Depeche Mode into iconic [&hellip...

  • Nine Inch Nails. Hesitation Marks

    Nine Inch Nails. Hesitation Marks

    Four years after a brief retirement, Nine Inch Nails return with Hesitation Marks. This is an album that is a reflection of all the previous releases, from the sounds used, down to the artwork. But I wouldn’t call it “a return to form”, because it is all new. I would call it “finally going in [&hellip...

  • Gary Numan. Telekon

    Gary Numan. Telekon

    It’s always amazing when an album that was recorded and produced at one point in time is still considered fresh, innovative, and most importantly, innovative years after its release. There are quite a few albums out there that have shaped the sound of Rock, Hip Hop, Soul… many of which is passed on from one [&hellip...

  • Washed Out. Paracosm

    Aug 28, 13 • Ambient, Electronic, Pop, ViognierNo Comments
    Washed Out. Paracosm

    If I had to choose a soundtrack for daydreaming, Paracosm would be one of the two records I would choose. The other album would be by Swedish pop duo The Sound of Arrows, but Washed Out is currently taking lead. It’s always a nice surprise when someone takes their time to make an album but [&hellip...

  • Roberto Cacciapaglia. The Ann Steel Album

    Roberto Cacciapaglia. The Ann Steel Album

    I first encountered this album in January of 2013, in New York City. The moment I heard this album, I knew that it needed to be part of my collection. This album, and all of its magical, whimsical, schizophrenic moments, is constantly on repeat in my house, and truck… even in my head. New York [&hellip...

  • Pet Shop Boys. Electric

    Jul 16, 13 • Champagne, Dance, Electronic, PopNo Comments
    Pet Shop Boys. Electric

    As my close friends and family know, I am quite biased when it comes to Pet Shop Boys. Yes, I am a fan. Yes, I am a diehard fan. Trying to collect as many pieces of their collection and making it mine. But, I am able to say “hey, this song is not good” or [&hellip...