• Chvrches. The Bones Of What You Believe

    Feb 16, 14 • Albariño, Electronic, SynthPopNo Comments
    Chvrches. The Bones Of What You Believe

    I’ve always been a fan of synthpop. At a young age, the sounds that a keyboard is able to make struck a deep fascination and interest. Certain bands know how to integrate and use electronics with their songs, and others are rely so heavily on them that the song just drowns. In the case of [&hellip...

  • Bis. Return to Central

    Bis. Return to Central

    As a young teenager, I was always interested in finding different styles and sounds. In middle school for example, when my friends were getting into punk rock, I turned my ear towards industrial music. From there, industrial turned me towards dance music. However, I never left punk rock or grunge or whatever it was we [&hellip...

  • Tar Babies. No Contest

    Dec 1, 13 • Funk, Jazz, Meritage, PunkNo Comments
    Tar Babies. No Contest

    SST Records, one of the great independent record labels that started in the late 70’s that introduced the world to such great punk rock bands such as Black Flag, Minutemen, Subhumans, and Hüsker Dü to name a few. It was founded by Black Flag’s Greg Ginn to release their records and quickly expanded to be [&hellip...

  • Duran Duran. Notorious

    Nov 20, 13 • Funk, New Wave, Pinot Noir, PopNo Comments
    Duran Duran. Notorious

    No! No! Notorious! What a great way to open an album! I’m a big Duran Duran fan… they collect little bits of different genres, mix them all together, and present an album that has something for everyone. That’s a lesson that everyone should learn, artistic freedom is just that. The ability to experiment and do [&hellip...

  • Little Boots. Nocturnes

    Nov 10, 13 • Champagne, Dance, Disco, Electronic, PopNo Comments
    Little Boots. Nocturnes

    Pop music has such a bad reputation. Most of it, alright just about all of it, is quite disposable. No substance what so ever. But what people seem to forget or ignore is that pop music is supposed to be fun and just a distraction. And with that said, there are a few people that [&hellip...

  • David Bowie. Earthling

    David Bowie. Earthling

    Rock ‘n’ Roll’s chameleon… David Bowie. Since his beginnings, he’s been changing his style both visually and musically. The great thing about Bowie is that before it all began, he was an artist. In a true sense of the word, dipping his hands into painting and being creative with words and design. So the idea [&hellip...

  • Body/Head. Coming Apart

    Body/Head. Coming Apart

    It’s hard to escape what you’re known for when you’re trying to make something new. In this case, sometimes its best to do what you’re known for and try to push it a little further into a new direction. Kim Gordon, former member of Sonic Youth, and Bill Nace, experimental guitarist from Massachusetts, help push [&hellip...

  • Touché Amoré. Is Survived By

    Oct 5, 13 • Hardcore, Pinot Grigio, PunkNo Comments
    Touché Amoré. Is Survived By

    Yet another record that I picked up at random. This album is being talked about on Twitter and posted on InstaGram, so my curiosity got the best of me and I picked up the album. Instead of just streaming it online or asking someone to lend me a copy, I just picked it up. And [&hellip...

  • Depeche Mode. Music for the Masses

    Depeche Mode. Music for the Masses

    Possibly one of the most important electronic albums to have ever come out from the 80’s. It’s included in the book “1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die”, among other important and quite influential albums. Music for the Masses (1987) was released 26 years ago this month. The album helped steer Depeche Mode into iconic [&hellip...

  • King Khan and the Shrines. Idle No More

    King Khan and the Shrines. Idle No More

    There are plenty of bands or singers out there whose influences reach as far back to the hey day of classic Soul and R’n’B. And at times, you could swear that it is an older song that you’re listening to! Some attribute this to their producer, their parents musical findings, but at times you can [&hellip...